Defend Massachusetts' clean energy leadership from Eversource's unfair new solar fees!

Recently in Massachusetts, major utility Eversource changed its rates to discriminate against homeowners who go solar.

Massachusetts lawmakers on the Telecom, Utilities & Energy Committee already responded quickly to public concerns by holding an emergency hearing on January 30th. Now we need to urge our representatives to act quickly to reverse these charges before it becomes much more difficult for Bay State homeowners to go solar.

Urge your legislators to act quickly to defend Massachusetts solar customers, and the state’s clean energy leadership!

Massachusetts is now an outlier. The roughly 15,000 Massachusetts solar jobs could be in jeopardy, not to mention our climate, clean air, and energy independence. The emergency legislative hearing on January 30th was a step in the right direction. Now we must urge our lawmakers to take the important next step of making pro-solar legislation to reverse this charge immediately!


Send a message to Governor Charlie Baker and your legislators, urging them to act quickly protect Massachusetts solar customers from Eversource's discriminatory new fees!


The more people Massachusetts government officials hear from, the more power our action will carry. Please encourage your friends to join the movement to grow solar energy in Massachusetts by sharing this action on social media!