Help defend Massachusetts' clean energy leadership from Eversource's anti-solar fee!

Recently in Massachusetts, major utility Eversource adopted a discriminatory charge that will make solar panel owners’ bills more confusing and less fair, unless lawmakers take action.

Thankfully, some leaders in both the House and Senate support legislation to reject Eversource’s anti-solar change. However, we need to make sure our local Representatives are paying attention to ensure a bill gets passed by the end of the legislative session on July 31.

Urge your legislators to act quickly to defend Massachusetts solar customers and the state’s clean energy leadership against Eversource’s new anti-solar fee!

Utilities hate competition. And they have no qualms about trying to undercut new clean energy technologies in their effort to reduce competition and increase profits. Vote Solar estimates Eversource's new fee would add $4400-$9400 for customers who choose to install solar panels. We can't let them get away with this!

Tell your legislators to take action to protect Massachusetts clean energy progress over utility profits!



Urge your State Representative to vote this year to stop Eversource from punishing customers who own solar panels:


The more people Massachusetts government officials hear from, the more power our action will carry. Please encourage your friends to join the movement to grow solar energy in Massachusetts by sharing this action on social media!